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Week of Well-being – Give

Day Five – Give 

The final day of our well-being week is to ‘Give’. Acts of kindness and giving, whether big or small, can give a big boost to your well-being. Research shows that it can help:

  • Increase feelings of self-worth.
  • Connections with other people. 
  • Increase positive emotions and a sense of reward.

Giving is the easiest of our well-being actions, it doesn’t have to cost you anything and can mean the world to someone else. If you’re not sure where to start or what you can do why not try one of these:

  • Give someone your time. Listen to them or thank them. 
  • Donate to a charity.
  • Volunteer for your community. 
  • Start a fundraiser for a worthy cause. 

At Saxons we are all about giving and sharing positivity. As part of out final day we have a couple of things we are doing. First is a small donation to the ‘Mind’ charity who promote better mental health through a local fundraising couple who are running 100 miles in February.