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What are Chakras?

Many people have heard of Chakras, or heard people say their chakras need aligning, but what are they?

The concept of the Chakras originated in the Hindu culture. The information we have about the Chakras comes from sacred writings from that part of the Hindu scriptures, which has been simplified in the West and a single rainbow colour was attributed to each of the seven master Chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel, ring or circle” but even to think of a Chakra being just a spinning wheel is not enough, they are a vortex, they pick up cosmic vibrations, universal life force and distribute them throughout the body. 

We are most familiar with the seven master chakras which are aligned within the spinal column. Each of these chakras relate to a specific area of the body and specific function, making them a great focal point for meditations.

They can be used to translate physical pain to understand blocked trauma. For example, if you are constantly struggling from a sore throat with no explanation, this may be an indication that your throat chakra is blocked. This could translate to you not speaking your mind or feeling heard.

Each Chakra is like a solid ball interpenetrating the physical body and all the energy fields.  They are not physical but like our auras are aspects of our consciousness.  They also interpenetrate with the bodies two main vehicles, the nervous and endocrine system each of these are associated with our glands, hormones, chemical messages and a particular group of nerves

As you develop your inner self and continue on your spiritual journey, you will become aware of your own Chakras, although there are hundreds within the human body.

Each person’s Chakras are unique, yet there are similar basics amongst us all.  When they are clear and free flowing vital optimum health is the result.  When our Chakras are blocked, distorted or inactive the results are ill health or dis-ease. The aim for us all is to strive for free flowing and cleared Chakras so that we then maintain a happier healthier life.

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