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Ley Lines

Ever wondered why so many spiritual people flog to Glastonbury? And no I don’t just mean for the festival! One of the big allures of Glastonbury is that it’s positioned on not one but two major energy Ley Lines. 

This beautiful little town is the crossover point for the Michael and Mary Ley Lines where Universal and Earth energy is amplified. 

Glastonbury Tor

What is a Ley Line?

Ley Lines where first theorised in the 1920’s but have been questioned long before then. They are the lines that cover the globe and link huge spiritual sights and historic structures with one another. These Lines act as a river for universal energy and electromagnetic fields. 

They are said to be most powerful at the points in which they intersect, like… Glastonbury. 

Along the Ley lines lie are unexplainable architecture of their time like the Great Pyramids of Giza, Chichen Itza, and Stonehenge. All huge structures that were erected way before the sufficient equipment, still baffling archeologists today.

Our own little area of the world, (Beccles) is also planted on one of the major Ley Lines, the Micheal Ley Line, a direct line to Glastonbury.