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Using Essential Oils

Essential oils. What are these mystical liquids that allegedly cure all ailments?

How do they work and how can I use them?

Simply put they are concentrated extracts from natural substances like flowers, leaves and plants. They provide a natural alternative to help improve all sorts of symptoms such as headaches, skin conditions and sleep disorders, they may even help treat the common cold and encourage a healthy digestion. 

There are a few ways you can use essential oils but the most common way of using them is to simply inhale the aromatic scents and reap the benefits of their therapeutic properties.

How to use them:

If you’re in need of a quick fix the easiest way is to open up the bottle and take a couple of deep breaths, but be careful not to let the undiluted oil touch your skin.

Alternatively try keeping one of the ‘handy remedy’ roll-ons or inhalers in your bag or pocket for when you are out and about.

For a fragrance that gives you benefits all day a child friendly electric diffuser is a worthwhile investment, or for a more romantic, cosy feel, the candle lit burners fill your home with a soft glow and beautiful fragrance. Both types of diffusers can be used with essential oils, and will fill your home with exquisite lasting aromas.

For a more intense use like banishing those pesky cold symptoms, you can try steaming. To do this place a bowl of hot water in front of you with a few drops of your chosen essential oil. Place your head over the bowl and carefully cover both your head and the bowl with a substantial towel inhaling the therapeutic steam. 

For a lighter long lasting fragrance you can try a technique called dry evaporation. For this technique, add the essential oil onto a piece of material, like fabric or cotton wool. Then tuck this material into your pocket, car vent or pillow case. Dry evaporation is a good option for a discrete smell that lasts.

Using essential oils on your skin is another option, but they should only be applied to skin in a diluted form. There are a variety of pre-made roller blends available which are great for rolling onto your pressure points. Alternatively you can add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage gently into the skin. 

These are just a handful of ways that essential oils can be used, so make sure to research and find the way that will benefit you most. 


Some essential oils can be dangerous when mixed with certain medications and may have implications if you have health concerns, so if in doubt check with your doctor first, especially if they are for:

  • Older Adults
  • Children under 12
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.

You should always be cautious using essential oils if you have pets, a small proportion of them contain ingredients that are toxic to animals. (As an example Tea Tree is extremely toxic to dogs).

Our most popular:

With lockdown imposing restrictions on our daily lives a lot of people are turning to essential oils to increase their overall well-being. One of our most popular oils is the ‘De-Stress’ essential oil blend by Absolute Aromas.

This oil is a blend of lavender, chamomile, jasmine and bergamot. It has been created as a natural alternative to cheer, uplift and boost your mood, whilst helping you cope with daily tensions. 

We would love to hear your experience of using essential oils so please comment below!