Your Crystal Journey Journal


Discover your unique crystal code.

Just as each crystal has its own unique vibrational ‘signature’, every one of us has a unique identity.

Learn how to identify your own special crystals that form a code that will help to enhance your life.


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Use Your Crystal Journey Journal – As you choose, care for and use your crystals, your knowledge and experience are growing.

Record your impressions and thoughts in this journal, kept especially for you as you journey towards identifying your unique crystal code ad gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.

Discover your:

  • healing crystal
  • relaxation crystal
  • personality crystal
  • protection crystal
  • meditation crystal
  • money crystal
  • love crystal
  • success crystal.

Written by Teressa Dellbridge

Through the ages crystals have been worn for their beauty, as symbols of power and divinity, or for their therapeutic properties and beneficial effects.

Start learning about crystals, how they resonate with you add to your life. This journal is filled with exercises to try. It also includes spaces for your own reflections on different crystals and how they make you feel.

Use this journal as a tool to understands which crystals match best with your energy and start to use them in your every day life. Learn new meditation methods and begin your journey to improve the well-being of your mind, body and soul.

As you work through the journal, you will discover what your crystal has to say about you in each aspect of your life.

Then, learn how to work with each of your crystals through meditation, visualization and manifestation exercises. This will help you discover and overcome the obstacles in your life and draw the energy you need into your life.

With space to reflect on your life, your experiences working with the crystals and your encounters with your crystal guides. This journal will help you move forward on your journey to achieving inner peace, happiness and total wellbeing.