White Sage Candle


Ward off negative energies and protect against harm with this stunning White Sage fragranced candle.

A frosted glass holder is accented by a scattering of sodalite crystal chips and a glass All Seeing Eye charm that can later be reused for a multitude of spiritual purposes.

Paraffin wax. Crystals and charm will release from wax with use.

Approximate burn time of 25 hours. Please practice caution when burning and never leave lit candle unattended.

Designed by Something Different Wholesale and part of the All Seeing Eye range of mystical gifts and home decor.

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Introducing our White Sage Candle, a transformative and sacred tool designed to bring balance, purification, and tranquility into your space. Crafted with utmost care and intention, this candle harnesses the power of white sage, a revered herb known for its cleansing and healing properties.

As you light the White Sage Candle, a gentle flame dances atop the pure white wax, releasing a soothing and aromatic scent that fills the air. The fragrance of white sage is earthy, herbal, and slightly sweet, creating a serene and calming ambiance that invites relaxation and inner peace.

White sage has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures for its spiritual and energetic cleansing abilities. It is believed to clear negative energy, purify the environment, and create a sacred space for meditation, rituals, and spiritual practices. Our Candle captures the essence of this ancient tradition, allowing you to incorporate its benefits into your daily life.

Whether you are seeking to cleanse your home, office, or personal space, the Candle is a powerful tool to assist you on your journey. Its purifying properties help to dispel stagnant energy, release emotional blockages, and create a harmonious atmosphere. Light the candle during meditation or yoga sessions to enhance focus and clarity, or simply enjoy its calming presence during moments of relaxation and self-care.

Each White Sage Candle is hand-poured with natural soy wax, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn. The cotton wick provides a steady flame, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the transformative experience. The candle comes in a sleek and elegant glass jar, making it a beautiful addition to any space.

To use the Candle, simply light the wick and allow the flame to engulf the room with its gentle glow. As the candle burns, visualize any negative energy being released and replaced with positive vibrations. Breathe in the soothing aroma of white sage, allowing it to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit.

Our White Sage Candle is more than just a scented candle; it is a sacred tool that empowers you to create a space of purity and serenity. Embrace the transformative power of white sage and invite balance and harmony into your life. Experience the profound effects of this ancient herb and elevate your spiritual practice with our White Sage Candle.

Illuminate your surroundings with the Candle and embark on a journey of purification, healing, and inner peace. Embrace the sacredness of this ancient tradition and create a space that nurtures your well-being. Order your White Sage Candle today and embark on a transformative experience that will uplift your spirit and bring harmony to your space.

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