Kick-Start Shower Pamper Hamper, Gift Set Box


This pamper set includes:
•Aromatherapy shower steamers x2 with essential oils of Eucalyptus and Peppermint with herbs (Individuallt wrapped)
•Hawaii Coconut Soap Bar
•Sisal soap bag
•Blue Soap Rose
•Contents & Ingredients List

Do not use the shower steamer in the bath, these are designed for use in the shower only.

All of our products handmade from vegan friendly products, are gentle on the skin and smell amazing!


Looking for a pamper gift set, but don’t have a bath? This is what you’ve been looking for!

This shower steamer set is sure to help relax and unwind tired and achy muscles with the essential oils of Grapefruit & Lime with Kosher Salt shower steamers!

Place your shower steamer on the base of your shower and as the water hits it, it will gently fizz and release the essential oils within to create a luxurious spa like shower experience. The closer you put the steamer to your plug hole the quicker it will dissolve.

Slip the bar of soap into into the sisal soap bag and gently rub to create a luxurious lather to cleanse your body with. The sisal bag also acts as a skin exfoliator – use this by doing gentle circles over your skin to leave your skin soft.

Take a couple of petals off the soap rose and melt these in your hands under warm running water, and use these to softly cleanse your skin.