JacqsArtisan Soaperie Handmade Soaps


JacqsArtisan Soaperie Handmade Soaps

Luxury Palm Oil Free Soap. Good for the planet and good for your skin.
Traditionally & Lovingly Handmade in Bungay, Suffolk.

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JacqsArtisan Soaperie Handmade Soaps

Rose & Geranium – Divinely Indulgent
Made with Jojoba oil this soap is ant-inflammatory & high in vitamin A and E. Fragranced with rose, geranium and three essential oils.

Sandalwood – Hydrating & Anti-aging
Made with sweet almond oil and fragranced with ground sandalwood powder which is renowned for healing dry skin, enhancing skin brightness. With Sandalwood fragrance oil.

Superb Spa Salt Bar – Rejuvenating & Hydrating
This highly beneficial bar is great for drawing out toxins and providing a catalyst for absorption of glycerin into the skin. Made with finely ground Himalayan pink salt particularly rich in minerals with nourishing spa Moroccan lava clay. With essential oils of frankincense and patchouli. With shea butter.

Chamomile & Calendula – Soothing & Healing
With soothing colloidal oatmeal, sweet Almond oil lavender & lemon essential oils. Made with Olive oil infused with the flowers of chamomile & calendula for at least six weeks.

Ylang Ylang – Complexion Bar
With sweet almond oil &coloured with turmeric great for the skin with calming anti-inflammatory properties. With ylang ylang essential oil blend

Coconut Milk – Moisturising & Creamy
Made with cocoa butter & pure coconut milk high in fatty acids offering soothing properties, good for cleansing without being irritating. Fragranced with coconut fragrance oil.

Fragranced Goat’s Milk – Gentle & Soothing
Made with fresh goat’s milk, shea butter & delicately scented with geranium & lavender essential oils- good for extremely sensitive skins.

Unscented Goat’s Milk – Mild & Gentle
Made with fresh goat’s milk & shea butter absolutely no fragrance or colorants – great for extremely sensitive skins & those with eczema or psoriasis

Heavenly Patchouli – Moisturising
Gloriously scented with super moisturizing kukui nut oil prized by Hawaiians for its anti-aging properties & skin healing potential. Full of antioxidants with vitamins C, D & E, superbly moisturizing and good for eliminating inflammation.

Shaving Bar – Moisturising Glide & Creamy Lather
Made with sweet almond oil, bentonite clay & bay rum fragrance oil.

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