British, Refillable Glass Bottle With Bronzed Pump


Refillable, British-made amber glass bottle. Perfect for use with 40g refill sachets.


Introducing the British Refillable Glass Bottle With Bronzed Pump, a sophisticated and eco-friendly solution to elevate your home and personal care routines. This exquisitely crafted glass bottle embodies elegance, functionality, and sustainability, offering a luxurious and convenient way to enjoy your favorite liquids while reducing waste.

At first glance, the British refillable soap dispenser captivates with its timeless design. The clear, high-quality glass showcases the beauty of the liquid within, adding a touch of refinement to any space. Its sleek silhouette and bronzed pump exude a sense of understated luxury, making it a standout addition to your bathroom, kitchen, or vanity.

Designed with sustainability in mind, this bottle is a testament to the British commitment to eco-conscious living. By opting for a refillable glass bottle, you take an important step towards reducing plastic waste and embracing a greener lifestyle. Made from durable borosilicate glass, it is not only resistant to breakage but also keeps your liquids fresher for longer, ensuring a delightful experience with each use.

The bronzed pump complements the bottle’s aesthetic while providing effortless dispensing of your preferred liquids. Its smooth operation delivers a controlled and mess-free experience, whether you’re using it for hand soap, lotion, body wash, or any other liquid product. The pump’s compatibility with a wide range of viscosities ensures versatility, making it suitable for various applications throughout your home.

Refilling the British Glass Bottle is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly replenish your favorite products without the need for single-use plastic containers. Simply unscrew the bronzed pump, pour in your desired liquid, and secure the pump back in place. The wide bottle neck ensures easy access, minimizing spills and wastage, while the generous capacity ensures fewer refills, saving you time and effort.

Beyond its functionality and sustainability, the British refillable soap dispenser offers an elevated sensory experience. The cool touch of the smooth glass against your skin, the gentle sound of the liquid being dispensed, and the pleasing weight of the bottle in your hand create a sensory symphony that enhances your daily routines and rituals.

Choose the British Refillable Glass Bottle With Bronzed Pump and embrace a more sustainable and luxurious lifestyle. With its timeless design, eco-friendly construction, and effortless functionality, this bottle is the perfect addition to your home, allowing you to enjoy your favorite liquids with elegance, while taking a meaningful step towards reducing plastic waste. Join the movement for a greener future and make a stylish statement with the British Refillable Glass Bottle With Bronzed Pump.

Refillable, British-made amber glass bottle. Perfect for use with 40g refill sachets.

This British-made 500ml amber glass bottle is a beauty, combining stylish design, ethical functionality and sustainability.  It will look good everyone’s bathroom and kitchen.

The glass has been made in Great Britain with 45% recycled glass and is perfect to be used with hand & body wash refill sachets.

The bottle is supplied with a stainless steel, brushed bronze pump for durability, which is a great addition to a more eco-friendly way of living.

  • Made in United Kingdom
  • Weight: 0.8 kg (1.7 lb)

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