Absolute Aromas Mobility Massage Oil – T985/100ml


Absolute Aromas Mobility Massage Oil – T985/100ml

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Absolute Aromas Mobility Massage Oil – T985/100ml


Mobility is a powerful fusion of pure essential oils and rich carrier oils, designed to ease overworked joints and comfort tired & aching muscles. It also promotes positive circulation.

Mobility is an everyday warming and invigorating blend, great for anyone who suffers from muscle stiffness and every day aches and pains, maybe owing to sports activity, over-exertion, or even age.

The unique combination of essential oils in this blend also help to promote positive circulation.

Body Oil

After showering or bathing massage into the skin to melt away every day aches & pains. The blend absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a soft silky feel and no oily residue.

Bath Oil

Add 3 capfuls to warm running water for bath time treat.
Please note: take caution when getting in and out of the bath, as the oil can make the bath very slippery.

Hair Treatment Oil

Massage 1 tablespoon into the scalp & hair to stimulate circulation. Aim to leave in the hair for at least half an hour, before washing out thoroughly with a mild shampoo.