Carole Budgen

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is like having your own personal thinking partner; someone who will listen in confidence and without judgement to help you gain a deeper understanding of what makes you, well, you! 

With a relaxed and gently challenging approach, Carole will help  you get clear on what’s holding you back so you can feel empowered and excited about creating the kind of life you really want to live

Who is Life Coaching for? 

 Life Coaching is for everyone, and can be especially helpful during life transitions such as : 

  •  New job or career change 
  •  Relationships /parenting 
  •  Redundancy 
  •  Retirement 
  •  Search for meaning and purpose in life 
  • Meeting personal goals
  • What are the benefits? 
  •  A deeper understanding of what makes you thrive 
  • Achieving goals you’ve struggled with on your own 
  • Developing more self-awareness 
  • A more satisfying work/life balance 
  • Finding meaning and purpose in life 
  • Feeling empowered, rather than stuck 
  •  Greater satisfaction, joy and fulfilment 
  •  Healthier boundaries and relationships 
  • Increased self-confidence

Carole offers a complimentary initial call with no obligation, in which you can experience life coaching for yourself and decide if it would be helpful for you. 

Discounts are available for booking blocks of six sessions.