Soothing Body Wrap – Lavender


Lavender in both colour and scent, the Lavender Cord Body Wrap gets cosy warm in just 90 seconds when heated in a microwave. Ideal for soothing tired muscles and aching joints, the flaxseed filling is fragranced with lavender to aid relaxation and bring the therapeutic qualities of the essential oil to the areas of tension on your body. Wrap around any part of your body that could do with a bit of love and allow the healing effects of its warmth to act. Whether you prefer a hot or cold compress, try applying to your forehead to banish that niggly headache away, and breathe in the subtle aromas of the lavender for ultimate relaxation.

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Heat therapy is a great natural way to ease aches and pains, soothe sore muscles and aid relaxation. Our body wraps are fragranced with Lavender oil which contains properties to help calm, relax and aid sleep.

  1. Ensure microwave turntable is clean and can rotate freely.
  2. Place body wrap inside the microwave ensuring the filling is evenly distributed.
  3. Fold the product if it cannot be positioned flat on the turntable.
  4. Place a half-filled cup of water in the microwave with the product.
  5. Heat up to a maximum of 2 minutes for 500-750 watt microwaves and a maximum of 1 minute 30 seconds for 800-1000-watt microwaves.
  6. If it feels too cool for your needs warm again in increments, of 15 seconds at a time.
  7. Once heated, allow to cool for 30 seconds before use.