Grainne Mckenna-Daniels

I have always been passionate about homeopathy. From a young age my mother used to give me homeopathic remedies to treat normal childhood illnesses such as teething, colds and first aid situations and this sparked an interest in me. Whilst studying Animal Science and Agriculture at Harper Adams University I did my Dissertation on Using Homeopathy on Farm Animals. Whilst I was managing a sheep flock in Norfolk I treated the sheep using homeopathy and organic methods.

With continued interest I started my Homeopathic Licentiate Qualification at the Homeopathic College of East Anglia in 2013. Personally, homeopathy has profoundly helped me with issues relating to my hormones, a traumatic birth, and PMDD. This is why it is my mission to help other women who suffer with similar conditions. 

Grainne Mckenna-Daniels

Grainne is based at Saxons on Thursdays.

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