Lynne Nesbitt

Lynne Nesbit – Emotional Freedom Technique experience

I first came across EFT around 17 or 18 years ago, followed various tapping “gurus” such as The Tapping Solution annual webinars, and have been practising it intermittently on myself and friends and family.  Five or so years ago I came across Karl Dawson, first generation master taught by the discoverer and developer of the therapy, Revd. Gary Craig.  Since then I have attended a number of his training courses and decided to become a certificated practitioner in both EFT and Karl’s own therapy which he has developed over the past ten years as a deeper version of EFT which he has called “Matrix Reimprinting”.  I have received training from Karl in that, too, and oscillate between the two approaches, according to the client’s requirements. 

What is EFT?  

It is many things:

  • An emotional version of acupuncture, WITHOUT needles.
  • A unique exercise that calms you, so you can think more clearly about your problem. 
  • An approach from an unfamiliar perspective to deal with pain, stress, phobias, allergies, fears, depression. You can use it for anything. No need to believe in it!  

EFT can change your neural pathways, your habitual way of thinking, and your life.  

What is Matrix Reimprinting?  

The Matrix” is another name for what quantum physicists call “the Quantum Field”.  

Imprinting” refers to the system by which we take on beliefs about ourselves – usually in early childhood or pre-birth, and even during past lives – from what we see and hear others say about us, to us, and the abuse and/or neglect we might suffer.  

These negative beliefs form programmes which cause enough stress over time to press the body to adapt at a chemical, hormonal, cellular and even DNA level. These changes can eventually lead to physical or psychological dis-ease.  

Matrix Reimprinting changes the memory’s images and, consequently, the beliefs….  IT CAN BE LIFE-CHANGING!

Lynne Nesbit

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